Refuse Sacks Supplier China

We, as refuse sacks supplier China, were founded in 1994. However, we not only manufactures packaging bags for companies but also provide refuse packaging goods to clients from all over the world that require packaging.

We take “meeting the demand of the market and customers” as the aim. Thus, we focus on quality control and production control and offer one-stop service from design to delivery.

We have a decade of expertise in package design and manufacture. The global sales network is established as a Shandong-based corporation.

However, our sales head office is in Qingdao, and producing centers are in Jining and Qingdao. We, as T-shirt bags on a roll supplier, are not just offering top-notch trash bags but also making a positive impact on the future.


Leading Refuse Sacks Supplier China

From manufacturing to disposal, we as refuse sacks supplier China, make our trash bags with the least amount of environmental impact possible. By selecting our trash bags, you’re not only investing in quality but also supporting a cleaner, greener earth. However, we serve as your go-to partner when it comes to dependable garbage bags, supplying each order with quality, variety, and sustainability.

Therefore, be a part of the numerous happy consumers who have discovered the benefits of utilizing garbage bags. We, as refuse sacks supplier China excel in both performance and environmental awareness.

Selecting us as your go-to source of trash bags in China is a step towards effectiveness. Therefore, we integrate environmentally friendly practices into our production processes as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility.



What are refuse sacks?

Refuse sacks are bags made of durable and usually thick material designed to contain and carry various types of waste, such as garbage, trash, or other types of refuse.

What are refuse sacks typically made of?

Refuse sacks are commonly made of plastic materials such as polyethylene, which can vary in thickness and durability depending on their intended use.

What sizes do refuse sacks come in?

Refuse sacks are available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes of waste. Common sizes include small (around 5-10 gallons), medium (10-30 gallons), and large (30-50 gallons or more).

Are there different types of refuse sacks available?

Yes, there are various types of refuse sacks designed for specific purposes, such as heavy-duty sacks for construction waste, biodegradable sacks for environmentally friendly disposal, scented sacks to mask odors, and more.

How can I choose the right refuse sack for my needs?

Consider the volume and type of waste you typically generate, as well as any special requirements such as strength, puncture resistance, or environmental concerns. Select a size and material that best suits your specific waste disposal needs.

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