Top Disposable Smocks Supplier China

We, as disposable smocks supplier China, are in the Chinese province of Guangdong’s Shipai town. However, more than 100 people work for our company, which was founded in 2001, in a plant that occupies 10,000 square meters. Over 80 different blowing, printing, splitting, folding, laminating, and cutting machine sets are available. Therefore, the international quality management system ISO9001:2008 is rigorously followed during the manufacturing process.

Since 2009, our company as Drawstring Bags Supplier China, has been a producer of EPI-authorized biodegradable goods. Also, it has successfully passed annual BSCI, SQP, and WCA factory audits. At the same time, we have the authorization to manufacture promotional party items for Walmart, Disney, and Target. Being the top supplier of disposable smocks is something we take great pride in.


Best Quality Disposable Smocks Supplier China

We, as a disposable smocks supplier China, provide a wide variety of disposable smocks with a focus on quality, price, and customer happiness to satisfy the various needs of our clients. Therefore, to ensure durability and protection, we produce our disposable smocks by the strictest industry standards. Business owners find it simpler to invest in high-quality safety equipment thanks to our affordable prices.

The foundation of all we do is quality. With years of expertise, we as disposable smocks supplier, have made a name for ourselves as a reliable manufacturer. However, our dedication to excellence extends to both our products and client support. Years of experience have allowed us to recognize the particular requirements of each of our customers. It also creates goods that both meet and surpass their expectations.



What are disposable smocks used for?

Disposable smocks are commonly used in various settings, such as salons, healthcare facilities, laboratories, and food service industries, to protect clothing from spills, stains, or contamination.

What materials are disposable smocks typically made from?

Disposable smocks are often made from lightweight, nonwoven materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, which are designed for single-use purposes and easy disposal.

Are disposable smocks waterproof?

Yes, many disposable smocks are designed to be waterproof or at least water-resistant, ensuring that they provide adequate protection against spills, splashes, or other forms of liquid contamination.

Can disposable smocks be recycled?

Most disposable smocks are not designed for recycling due to the nature of the materials used. It’s important to dispose of them properly as per the guidelines provided by the local waste management authorities.

Are disposable smocks available in different sizes?

Yes, disposable smocks are available in various sizes to accommodate different body types and preferences. They typically come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to suit a wide range of users.

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